What You Should Know About the Mommy Makeover

So, you’ve just given birth to your bundle of joy, but not happy about the results left on your body? You’re not alone! From stretched skin in the tummy to stubborn fat deposits, and saggy breasts – these are just some of the side effects of pregnancy.

However, we’ve got a solution for you. Women across the globe are looking to improve their looks with a Mommy Makeover that tackles all the problem areas that you might have. Want to learn more?

Here‘s what you should know about the Mommy Makeover.

Choose the Best Time

After you give birth, you might be ready to get started on your mommy makeover. However, that doesn’t mean your body is ready for another change. The pregnancy hormones are still running through the body and will continue to do so until it winds down after a few months.

The suggested time to have your Mommy Makeover is after six months of giving birth. While the Mommy Makeover is not a cure for weight loss, you will need to follow a regular exercise routine to gain the best result from the procedure. Plan your mommy makeover around 3 months before your reveal date to give your body and mind plenty of time to recover.

What Procedures Does the Mommy Makeover include?

The Mommy Makeover includes three distinctive procedures including the tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast enhancement. As the body undergoes changes in the stomach region, the mommy makeover will help get your pre-child body back and flatten the stomach.

Another procedure including in the Mommy Makeover is Liposuction and Breast Enhancement. The liposuction will help get rid of stubborn fat and free the body from excess love handles. The breast enhancement will improve the breasts after the pregnancy and breastfeeding have wreaked havoc. Depending on the damage to the area, your plastic surgeon will be able to make them smaller, larger, or less droopy.

What are your thoughts on this procedure? Do you plan to have the Mommy Makeover done yourself? Comment below and let us know!

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